Rehearsal Spaces

Requirements for the use of our rehearsal spaces

Users confirmed by the inm Board who have been registered with our office may use the rooms for rehearsal

  • with professional special ensembles in the field of contemporary music from Berlin
  • rehearsing for projects of the independent scene
  • in the field of contemporary/current music (i.e. works created after 1945)
  • which will be performed in Berlin.

Duo - and solo rehearsals are usually excluded. Exceptions must be approved by the office.

! All of the above mentioned requirements must be fulfilled !

Prohibited is the use of our rehearsal spaces for one of the following activities:

  • Classes,
  • music-free activities,
  • Solo rehearsals,
  • regular rehearsals,
  • Events with an audience.
  • Rehearsals after 10 pm

Exceptions can be decided by the inm Board
(e.g. initial support for graduates who want to rehearse ambitious programmes).

The following rules of use and conduct (March 2019) are binding during rehearsals in the Wache.